Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Preparing for the fall racing season

You may remember a post or two ago, that I joined Fleet Feet's Ton of Fun Challenge.  After Week 3 I am in the 10K Club, which means I have lost 6.2+ pounds so far.  When I first attempted the Ton of Fun Challenge this winter I only lost a few pounds, got discouraged, and basically quit going to weigh-ins, so I am working hard to keep the weight loss going!

Speaking of Fleet Feet, I just picked up my new shoes!!!!  They will run be through Disneyland and many races this fall.  Back when I first started running in 2009, I went to Pacers Running Store in Arlington, VA and got fitted for running shoes.  Brooks Adrenaline was the shoe I was fitted with.  At the top of the picture below you can see a Brooks Adrenaline version 11.  They are dull when compared to other running shoes, yet they are functional and fit me perfectly.  I briefly switched to a different make and model of running shoe because I wanted something more fashionable, but function won and I switched back to Brooks Adrenaline. Version 13 got a little more colorful (middle shoe), yet they still weren't as fashionable as other runners' shoes.  I had running shoe envy.  That all changed recently with the release of Brooks Adrenaline 14 (bottom  - amazingly cute shoe).  When I first saw them at Fleet Feet I accidentally let out a shriek of excitement because finally, the Adrenaline line was fashionable!  But when I went back to the same Fleet Feet several weeks later, the Adrenaline 14's on display were white mesh with pink detailing.  I asked the friendly staff why they no longer had the more colorful Adrenaline 14's and they said that the white and pink (or white and blue for previous versions) appeal more to the masses, BUT they could special order the more colorful ones for me.  So they ordered them for me last week and I picked them up tonight! Only runners know that sweet, sweet high you get when putting on a new pair of running shoes.  All that cushion and rubber just asking you to start putting miles on those shoes.  I can't wait to get those beauties on the trails!

Top to bottom: Functional (not fashionable), Functional (not fashionable), FINALLY FABULOUS
To help me train better and more consistently for my fall races, I signed up for a free marathon training program through another local running store, Big River Running.  The first training run is Sunday, July 13th.  I am excited about meeting other local runners training for some of the same races and to be running in a group setting again.  We haven't received the schedule of mileage yet, just the schedule of meetup locations which gives us a great overview of local parks and trails.  I am so excited to see what this fall will bring!


  1. Katie - are you joining the fall training program through Big River?