Sunday, September 20, 2020

Will Run for Coffee Virtual 5k

This weekend I ran the Will Run for Coffee Virtual 5k through  This is the first virtual race that I have participated in through this company, but I have been following them on social media for a while.  I registered for this particular 5k due to the medal and obviously by the name of my blog, I am all about medals!

I run regularly with a former co-worker and since we ran another virtual 5k together at Tiemeyer Park, we chose a different park for this virtual 5k.  With this race being coffee-themed, I also decided that I would celebrate finishing this virtual 5k with a fancy coffee from Deer Creek Coffee.

We started the race in Town and Country, MO at a park called Longview Farm.  It is a beautiful park with wide paths, multiple loop options, a barn, and horses.  More importantly though, it connects to a wide trail along Clayton Road.  We started and ended our 5k at the park, but mainly ran along the Clayton Road path.  We also ran through another Town and Country park called Drace Park.  It has a small paved loop but it also has several log cabins along the path, which makes it very unique.  We are still using the Galloway Method, so our intervals were set to run two minutes and then walk one minute.  I'm happy with our overall paced and we ended up finishing in 44:16.  

After cool down and stretching I placed my pick-up order from Deer Creek Coffee, which is in the opposite direction on Clayton Road.  Sure enough, my Cadbury Creme Latte was ready for me when I arrived and it was delicious!

I love this medal and how it is designed to not just hang on your medal rack (or in my case, the closet), it can actually be used as a coaster.  I'll be sure to keep an eye out for other unique medals from

Happy running!