Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another injury...

I haven't posted anything in a few weeks because I was injured and my last race was horrible as a result.  For all the boot camps and classes I take that focus on functional exercises, all it took was lifting one box the wrong way to injure myself badly enough to derail my training for three weeks.  I took it easy the first week, but still worked out and foam rolled after every workout.  I felt better by the end of the week, so I thought I was healed enough to run again.  On March 12, I attempted the St. Patrick's Day Parade Run 5 Miler but within the first mile I could feel the pain in my back return.  I walked a while and then tried to run again, but I could feel that my stride on the right side was significantly shorter than the left side.  That was the exact point when I started to break down mentally on the course.  It was right around the 2 mile mark.  I felt so defeated that I just wanted to cry.  I distinctly remember ripping off the timing chip on the back of my bib at that point.  I knew I would be walking the remainder of the course and I didn't want my awful time recorded.  I did finish and my time was a lot slower than I had hoped, but at least I crossed the finish line.

The week following the race, my back was more sore than the days immediately following the injury.  It was awful.  You don't realize that your back contributes to nearly every single movement your body makes until you injure your back and feel pain with every step and every move.  I bought a jar of Tiger Balm and used it religiously.  I used a heating pad at night.  My mother lent me her TENS Muscle Stimulator, which I grew to love so much that I ordered one for myself.  I found a yoga series on Hulu that I used daily the week after the race.  I tried to walk at least 1 mile each day just to keep my legs used to the movement.  I used the Power Plate at my gym to massage my back and legs and then I got a 90 minute massage the weekend after the race to relieve any remaining knots.

This past week I continued the yoga sessions, walking, and used the Power Plate a few times.  I feel a lot better and the pain seems to have subsided, so hopefully I have given my back plenty of time to heal this time around.  Tomorrow I am going to attempt to get back into my normal gym routine.  On Mondays it is cycling (taught similar to a Soul Cycle class) followed by a boot camp, so we will see how it goes.

So I guess there are two lessons here:

  • There is a proper way to pick up and carry a box and you will be sorry for days if you do it wrong
  • Never take a pain free run or walk for granted.  All I wanted every day of those weeks I felt pain was to be free of that pain.  I saw people running and was so jealous!  Don't take it for granted.  Whether you pray, meditate, or just think to yourself be grateful for every step you get to take!
I hope your training is going well!