Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 1 of Fleet Feet's Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge and Giving Back

Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge
After the 5K last weekend I stopped by my local Fleet Feet in St. Charles to do my initial weigh-in for the Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge.  I am not sure if every Fleet Feet across the nation has this program, but I am SO excited that the St. Louis area stores offer it.  The summer edition of this challenge is 10 weeks long, and you must complete at least seven weekly weigh ins to be eligible for prizes.  You pay $50 to enter the challenge but you can earn the $50 back as a Fleet Feet gift card.  I pasted the prize structure below:

  • Complete 7 weekly weigh-ins AND lose 2% of your body weight by Sunday, August 3rd (for example, a 200 pound person losing 4 pounds) and receive a $25 FLEET FEET gift card.
  • Complete 7 weekly weigh-ins AND lose 5% of your body weight by Sunday, August 3rd (for example, a 200 pound person losing 10 pounds) and receive a $50 FLEET FEET gift card.
Plus, receive graduated prizes when you qualify for one of our Race Clubs! The more you lose, the more you win!
  • 5K Club (3.1 lbs weight loss)
  • 10K Club (6.2 lbs weight loss)
  • Half Marathon Club (13.1 lbs weight loss)
  • Marathon Club (26.2 or more lbs weight loss)
My goal was to at least earn my $50 back and to see my name listed in at least the 5K Club.  I have had my eye on a cute Fleet Feet running tanktop for several months now and I would use the $50 gift card to purchase that as a reward to myself.  

Week 1 went really well.  Tuesday evening I tried a new boot camp that left me sore. Wednesday morning was my usual Insanity class and Wednesday evenings I have been taking a different boot camp with another trainer that I like.  That boot camp does not start until 8 p.m. so I killed time by using the elliptical and bike and then walking.  Wednesday was a LONG day! Thursday evening it rained, so our walking club was inside a mall but I still managed to get two miles in.  Friday night we had a make up boot camp session.  Saturday I was still sore, so I took the day off but I went into my Fleet Feet for my 1st weigh in.  I guess working out and eating healthy pays off because I lost five pounds this week!!!!!  I know a lot of that was probably water weight, but I was so excited about getting off to a great start.  The weight loss was so motivating that I ate healthy meals on Saturday too, which I normally wouldn't, and I saved my cheat meal for the Cardinals game today.  We had seats in an all-inclusive area, so it was quite the cheat but I didn't over-indulge like I would have prior to starting the Ton of Fun Challenge.

Giving Back to the Running Community
This morning the boyfriend and I volunteered at medal distribution of the GO! St. Louis All-American 5K.  From the title of my blog you can tell that I love race medals, but being able to be the person giving the medal to the runners at the finish line was ironically so rewarding.  Whether you are a runner yourself, a supporter/cheerleader of a runner wanting something to do to kill time while your runner is on the course or someone that loves to volunteer but hates to run, I recommend volunteering at a race at least once in your life.  You will likely have a great experience and leave with the desire to volunteer again.
All-American 5K Finish Line

The medals

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  1. Good luck with the Fleet Feet weight loss challenge - what a great program! That $50 giftcard and cute tank will be yours!