Wednesday, January 9, 2019

#WellnessWednesday - Hip and Glute Strength Workshop

This past Saturday I attended a Hip & Glute Strength for Athletes clinic at Big River Running - West County.  It was an hour long clinic led by physical therapists from Mercy and it was totally FREE!

I arrived 15 minutes early and luckily I did, because the runners just kept coming and coming until the entire store was filled.  It was an amazing sight to see!  The physical therapists greeted us as we entered and gave each runner a resistance band to use during the clinic and to take home.  I believe there were four physical therapists present at the clinic.  Two PT's discussed hip and glute anatomy as well as typical problems and weaknesses they see in runners.  They also demonstrated specific hip and glute strengthening exercises.  After they would demonstrate a couple exercises, it was our turn to try them ourselves.  All of the physical therapists then walked around to correct our form and answer questions.

The exercises we learned are pasted below, in no particular order:

As the therapists demonstrated these exercises and explained their benefits, I kept wondering if there was a way to have my running form evaluated BEFORE I experience any (more) problems.  Luckily they offer a "Running Screen."

I think I will wait until summer to schedule the screening just so that I am running more consistently when I get evaluated, but I think it sounds well worth the money!  I also plan to work through these exercises a couple times per week and have already worked through them once at home thanks to my free resistance band!  We are really lucky in St. Louis to have a running store like Big River that offers FREE clinics throughout the year.  Click here to check out their calendar of upcoming events. 

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