Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Speaking of volunteering.....earn a free 5k or half marathon for just a few hours work

I just had to share an amazing opportunity with you!

I stumbled across this race when I was looking at the spring/summer St. Louis area race calendars.  This race is new to St. Louis, but not to the East Coast.  Race 13.1 now offers races of various distances throughout the Southeast and Midwest spanning the entire year.  With so many races on their calendar, they can offer a season pass to make running their races in multiple locations very affordable.

I was already sold by their swag and runner benefits, but what made me fall in love was their volunteer program.  Race 13.1 provides volunteers with "race bucks" for their service.  Race bucks can be used for Race 13.1 products or events....any distance and at any of their locations.  WOW!

I signed up to be a course monitor, which is a four hour shift.  For those four hours, I earn 80 race bucks.  One race buck = $1 which means I have $80 to spend on race registrations!  I will be volunteering at the St. Louis race but I have one year to use my credit so I can wait and run next year's race for FREE or decide to run the Detroit race, or the Little Rock race, or Orlando, etc.

You can get more details on the program here, and I will be sure to post about my volunteer experience after the race and after my race bucks have posted.

If you would rather run, use code STL131 to save 10%.  Although you could still fit in a volunteer shift at packet pick-up since you have to go there anyway....

If you want to run and support a local charity at the same time, use code YIN to have $10 of your registration fee go to Youth In Need.

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