Monday, May 25, 2015

Post race to-do's

It has been several weeks since my first half marathon of the year, but I just now completed the last items on my typical post race to-do list.  Other than posting the race recap to my blog, there are two other things that I do.

Within a few days after the race I also post a race review to BibRave.  I don't remember how I even came across this website, but I enjoy writing reviews for restaurants and businesses so writing reviews for races just made sense!  You can create an account so that all of your reviews are grouped together.  You can choose to follow certain athletes so that you are notified when they post a review.  You can also "Upvote" their review if you found it helpful.  BibRave is much like any other review website in that it gives you a REAL review from a coAthlinksnsumer's perspective rather than the race director's perspective.  It can be helpful when you are trying to decide between races and how to spend your hard-earned money.  Check it out and start adding your reviews today!  Click here to see my profile.

A few weeks after the race, I go to Athlinks to see if my race results are posted.  Most of my race results will post to the website 1-2 weeks after race day, but some smaller races do not show up on this website for whatever reason.  Honestly, I don't know why some are tracked and others are not.  Either way, 90% of my race results show up and I can claim them and save them all under my name,  That way, I don't have to go to each individual race's results page to find my times.  They are all in one place.  Click here to see my account to see what I mean.  Go ahead, search your name to see your results.  Now there may be other athletes with your name, so be careful when claiming your results.

Other than checking the items above off my to-do list, I have been trying to get over the plantar fasciitis that has developed in my right foot so I have been taking it easy and working my way back up from ground zero.  More details another day.  Happy Memorial Day!

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