Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Power Plate workout

Have you heard about Power Plates?  I had never heard of them until I bought a Groupon to E2 Fitness Studio for 10 Cardio Accelerator sessions.  I started the Cardio Accelerator sessions back in January and was spreading them out, so I used session 6 today.  I would often talk to E2's owner/manager after my session and he spoke highly of the Power Plates that were also in his gym and he tried to convince me to take one of his classes.  At first, I wasn't interested so I said no, but I Googled them because I was curious.  Session after session, I saw the Power Plates in the gym and my curiosity grew.

Last week I emailed the owner to see how many Cardio Accelerator sessions I had left, and he FINALLY convinced me to stay afterwards to try his 30 minute Power Plate workout.  Before class, he explained a bit about the science behind the Power Plates, but you can click here and read more about them yourself.  The exercises weren't any different than what I do on my own or in classes (lunges, squats, planks, stretches, etc.), but the vibration under my body really accentuated each move.  I will keep you posted as I take additional classes but so far I feel great and I am wondering whether or not I will be sore tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

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