Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting off the 2014 racing season ill

My 3rd marathon is this coming Sunday.  Today is Monday and I leave for Florida on Wednesday.  I have been sick for over a week now.  I started feeling weird in Zumba class on December 28th.  My plan was to run after Zumba class because it was gorgeous outside, which is rare for December in Missouri.  I decided to rest the remainder of the day so that I would be ready for my last long run before the marathon, which was supposed to happen on Sunday.  Sunday came and I felt worse so I told myself and my boyfriend (for accountability purposes) that I would do my last long run on New Year's Day instead.  Monday I called in to work.  Tuesday I went in to work only to be sent home because my boss could tell that I was still sick since I had no voice.  That night my boyfriend and I went to a minor league hockey game and dinner for New Year's Eve but when it came to the champagne, I couldn't drink it because it tasted weird.  New Year's Day was spent resting since I was determined to get back to work on Thursday.  I did not work out, let alone run.  

Thursday came and I still had no voice so I opted to work from home, which my co-workers prefer when anyone could be contagious.  Still no workout.  Friday again I worked from home because I still had no voice and I rested, which means no workout again.  I decided I had enough with the over-the-counter medications so I called my doctor and got on Amoxicillin for 10 days.  This means my last day on Amoxicillin will be the day of the marathon.  Luckily I am slowly starting to return to normal, but I am concerned because I have not run in a week and a half and have not exercised at all in over a week. I am not at 100% health-wise and the end of marathon training did not go anywhere near the original plan.  This will also be the first race that I have ever run "medicated."  I should also be honest and say that I am not only running a marathon, but I also signed up for three other races this week as part of a challenge.  So I am planning on telling myself that it is "ok" to walk-run the races in order to finish them and that my 2014 Disney times will serve as a goal time to beat when I attempt the challenge again in a few years.  At least they are having better weather in Florida right now (it is currently -7 degrees in St. Charles, MO).

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