Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#WellnessWednesday - CycleBar - Creve Coeur Review

This blog post has been a long time coming considering the fact that I have now taken 39 classes at CycleBar - Creve Coeur.  The first CycleBar studio to open in the St. Louis area was the Chesterfield location, which I blogged about mid-2017.  I attended a class during their Grand Opening and then used a Groupon for four classes there and blogged about that experience too.

Then shortly after returning from our wedding the CycleBar - Creve Coeur location opened, which is the closest CycleBar to our house.  The layout is pretty much the same as the Chesterfield studio except there were four shower rooms instead of two and all the lockers had usb ports in them.  The technology in the studio and the class format were also the same.

Check in area

Usb ports in all lockers!

When I attended a class during the Grand Opening at Chesterfield, I had no idea that you could sign up for more than one class.  So this time, I took full advantage of the Creve Coeur Grand Opening rides and rode three times, completely FREE!

During the Grand Opening you could also get the very best deals on packages, so I purchased the First Month Unlimited and then the 20 Ride Package because it was 30% off.

I had to use my Unlimited Month first, so I set a goal to come as many times as possible during that month.  CycleBar made it even easier to achieve that goal by creating a challenge where if you rode 10 times in the first 21 days, you would get $100 back in credit.  Needless to say, I achieved that goal because I really wanted that credit for future classes!

Because I purchased these deals during the Grand Opening, I was not eligible to purchase a Groupon for classes at this location BUT I did manage to earn two free classes in 2017.  One was by simply putting the CycleBar magnet on the back of my car and being spotted by CycleBar - Creve Coeur staff out on the road.  They posted an image to social media of my car, I wrote them to prove it was my car, and then a FREE class was loaded to my account.

The other was by having one of my post-ride Instagram posts re-posted to the CycleBar - Creve Coeur Instagram page.  Both instances absolutely made my day!

I have really enjoyed my time at the CycleBar - Creve Coeur studio.  I have tried different bikes in the studio, different class times, and different instructors.  Some classes come only with water, while others have coffee or wine waiting for you after your ride (those are my favorite).  Class themes change all the time and are always challenging and fun.

I was #1 in the class for one of those 39 rides and sometimes I manage to get into the top three, but normally I am happy if I can finish in the middle of the pack.  Some instructors show the performance screens frequently during class, while others barely turn it on.  I find my class ranking motivating, especially during those 20 and 30 second races, but it is always YOUR ride.  I can't do everything the instructor requests, I just do MY best.  Then after each class, you will receive an email with your personal stats and a link to the playlist.

The one time I was #1

Class times have changed a bit since the Grand Opening, but the owner is good about sending out surveys to previous riders to gauge interest in different times before he makes any changes. Staff have always been very responsive to any issues I have had with my account and are friendly every single time I enter the studio.  Every time!

If you have not taken your FREE Intro class at CycleBar yet, I urge you to click here to find your closest studio and learn more about scheduling a ride. New riders also get great prices on intro packs or you can call or visit the Creve Coeur studio and ask for the "Groupon pricing" to get a package of four classes at the Groupon price without needing a Groupon account.

I just can't say enough good things about CycleBar.  Each instructor teaches the class differently and no two classes are EVER the same.  I hope you get a chance to experience a class at a CycleBar studio near you!

Happy New Year!

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