Wednesday, October 4, 2017

#WellnessWednesday - CycleBar Chesterfield Groupon

Back in July, you read the post about my first experience at the CycleBar Chesterfield studio during their grand opening.  Several months have now passed, and they are offering a deal on Groupon where you can purchase four classes for just $40!!!!  I purchased this Groupon because it was such a steal and I finally completed the four classes.  You can read my original post about the layout of the studio, class format, and the little luxuries that are included with your CycleBar experience by clicking here.  My experience with using the Groupon warranted a quick post because it was such a great experience!

I used my Groupon classes very sporadically, so I stood out from the regulars in every class.  At each of the four classes, the CycleStar instructor sought me out and introduced themselves.  As I left each class, they told me "good job" or gave me a high five.  There were also cold, wet towels waiting on the other side of the studio doors after class, which is exactly what you need after a great class!

You can choose between a wide-variety of themed or classic rides: Confidence Boost, Throwback Thursday, Wine Down Wednesday (yes, there was wine waiting after class), and Dance Party were the four that I took.  No matter what the theme is, the song when you work with the arm bars will always be my favorite part of class!

I had a few issues while trying to book my Groupon classes using the app, but management responded quickly to my emails and were able to resolve the issue on their end.  So easy!

As I finished my last Groupon class I received an email with a link to special Groupon Extension pricing, which offeres six rides for only $60!  This is a great deal considering the drop-in rate for a class is $20.

I am not sure how much longer the Groupon will be available but if you were on the fence, I hope that this will sway you to click the purchase button.  It's a great workout!!!

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