Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#WellnessWednesday - Deep Stretch classes at Yoga Six

Last week I took the Deep Stretch class at Yoga Six - Des Peres on Wednesday at 7 p.m. and this week I took it again on Monday at 11 a.m.  The one word I would use to describe this class is ahhhhhhhmazing!

When I injured my back last April, I started practicing yoga at home to help ease the pain.  A month or two ago I mentioned that I wanted to incorporate yoga into my weekly workouts again, so I tried a class at my gym and ended up hating it because the noise in the next room was too distracting and it wasn't a beginner's yoga class as I had hoped.  Since then, I have struggled to find a studio in St. Louis that offers a truly beginner's yoga until I came across the Deep Stretch class at Yoga Six.  Here is the class description:

The description intrigued me and I haven't ever been to an actual yoga studio, so I signed up!  Yoga Six - Des Peres is in a strip mall in front of a Schnucks grocery store and adjacent to the West County Mall complex.  Despite being located at a busy intersection, parking spaces were plentiful.  As soon as you open the door to Yoga Six, you just feel more relaxed.  I picked up the scent of eucalyptus but they also sell various sprays and lotions from their lobby, so it could have been a unique mixture of those scents too.  Check in was easy and welcoming.

There is a sign near the locker rooms asking you to remove your shoes and leave them in the lobby before proceeding to the locker rooms and studios.  I brought my own towel, mat, and water but you can also rent towels and mats and purchase water in the lobby if you don't have your own.

The locker rooms were among the nicest and cleanest I have ever seen.  The lockers all have usb ports in them, there are showers available, and plenty of toiletries at the sink.

usb ports in lockers

The two Deep Stretch classes I took had different instructors, but we used the same props for both (blocks, straps, and bolsters).  Before each class started, the instructors went around to introduce themselves and ask about any limitations or injuries we may have.  Some of the stretches/positions were the same, but each instructor had a different flow and used different music.  In both classes, we stretched all areas of the body, especially the legs.  There were all levels of flexibility, so I felt comfortable and welcome.  Either white noise or the HVAC system was on during the entire class, so I could barely hear the participants on either side of me.  It was truly a sanctuary for relaxation!

After each class, I just felt relaxed and amazing and was so glad that I came in.  Going forward, I am going to try to incorporate many of these stretches into my week since I have a strap and one block at home, especially when I can't make it to the Deep Stretch classes.

Yoga Six has two locations in St. Louis as well as many other studios throughout the country.  Here is a list of their other locations.  Click here for pricing information BUT new students can get one free week of classes by clicking here.

I accessed classes at Yoga Six via the Class Pass app (more on that another time), which is still offering the first month for $19.  Click here to learn more.

Weekly Goals:

  1. Plan meals for the week days - 75% Met - Still room for improvement.
  2. Practice Yoga at least once per week - GOAL Met - Deep Stretch classes
  3. Run at least twice per week - GOAL MET - Via boot camps and group long run
  4. Foam roll at least once per week - Not met - 0% - I may need to roll this into Goal 2 and aim to stretch and/or foam roll more throughout the week but either would really suffice.   
  5. Attend a boot camp at least once per week - GOAL MET - I need to consider re-wording this goal because right now my boot camps include the running mentioned in Goal 3.  Something to consider for next week.....

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