Sunday, December 27, 2015

All I want for Christmas, is new running shoes!

Brooks Adrenaline 16's are now available, which means the Brooks Adrenaline 15's are on sale!  So one cold, November weekend night the fiance and I went into a Dick's Sporting Goods and found the Brooks Adrenaline 15's in my size on sale.  I asked (or begged) for them to be my Christmas gift along with new running socks and on Christmas Day, my wish came true!

Aren't they beautiful?
I have strayed from Brooks Adrenaline only time and I came right back because they are so reliable and comfortable.  

Years of Brooks Adrenaline running shoes

I love saving money on running gear since races keep getting more expensive, so I don't mind getting the previous version on sale when the latest version is released.  I think I will keep my new shoes in the closet until my training group starts mid-January, and just continue to wear down the current pair.  My first race of 2016 is New Year's Day, so I am looking forward to starting off a new year with a good run.

Happy Holidays!!!

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