Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are you a "Zen Runner" too?

I just received my September Runner's World magazine, and as I was reading the "Ask Miles" section, I learned something new about myself.  If you have the September edition, please turn to page 18.  Read the 2nd entry in the "Ask Miles" section.  If you don't have a copy, here is a summary of the question and answer.  A runner comments on how other runners are always asking what his race times are, and he just enjoys the journey during a race rather than being concerned about his completion time.  He is wondering how he can explain his approach to competitive runners.

When I read this, something clicked.  I immediately knew that I was a Zen Runner too, I just never knew how to describe it or what to call it.  I have a certain time range that I want to stay in and as long as I finish within that range, I am happy.  I don't want to become one of those runners that is disappointed at the finish line because they didn't make their goal time.  I understand what it is like to train for a specific finish time and then feeling a sense of disappointment when I finished AFTER that goal time.  I also know the feeling of finishing faster than I anticipated.  But I still NEVER want to be disappointed at the finish line because for me, it is about the journey.  It is about being part of something, being surrounded by other runners all heading in the same direction and all being active.  I love the sound of their feet hitting the pavement around me, and I am often tempted to close my eyes and just let my legs carry me to the finish line.  I also love documenting the experience by taking pictures because I want to remember each race for its unique course and swag.   No matter what the finish time, it is an accomplishment just to finish, and even just to start.

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