Sunday, September 7, 2014

Becoming a MO' Bassador for the MO' Cowbell races

I forgot to tell you some great news!  I applied to be a MO' Bassador for the MO' Cowbell races in St. Charles, MO a couple months ago and in August I found out that I was selected along with four other runners.  At our first meeting we met the race director, her assistant, and the other MO' Bassadors.  We shared our running stories, which were all unique.  We also brainstormed ways to promote the MO' Cowbell races as the October race day drew near.  The picture below shows the awesome gear we received as well as some of the promotional material that we would be distributing.

MO' Bassador gear

Click here to read about the other MO' Bassadors and watch for a race recap after the race on October 5th!


  1. Super cute race theme and ambassador gear. Congrats! Wish I lived closer sounds fun.

  2. Woo hoo! I'm signed up to run. This will be my first time at Mo' Cowbell & 6th half marathon.

  3. Fun! Congratulations on being accepted!!

  4. Julie - Do you already have plans for October 2015? 1st weekend in October, save the date!

    Rachel - Good luck! We look forward to seeing you on race day and at the expo.

    Karen - Thanks!!

  5. Stumbled upon your blog and love it! I did the Mo Cowbell this past Sunday but only the 5K ... I will be doing the Half next year and it will be my first!

  6. Tiffanie - I would love to hear more about why you want MO' Cowbell to be your first half marathon and why you decided you want to run a half marathon. Email me at: